Truong Xanh Trading Service Company Limited

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Address: Thôn Bạch Liên, Xã Liên Phương, Thuong Tin District, Ha Noi City, Viet Nam

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License ID: , date 01-09-2010

Date Active: 2010-08-17


Services and products

  • Collecting harmless waste
  • Processing and preserving meat and meat products
  • Processing and preserving aquaculture products and products derived from aquaculture produce
  • Processing and preserving fruit and vegetables
  • Producing office machines and equipment (except for computers and peripheral equipment of computers)
  • Hired labour serving in households
  • Repairing machines and equipment
  • Repairing electrical equipment
  • Installing industrial machines and equipment
  • Collecting harmful waste
  • Treating and annulling harmless waste
  • Treating and annulling harmful waste
  • Treating pollution and other waste management
  • Building railways and highway construction
  • Building public utility works
  • Building other civil engineering works
  • Destroying and dismantling
  • Preparing construction sites
  • Installing water supply and drainage, radiator and air-conditioning systems
  • Wholesale of agricultural and forestry raw materials (excluding wood, bamboo and other species of bamboo) and livestock
  • Wholesale of food products
  • Wholesale of beverages
  • Wholesale of cloth, garments and footwear
  • Wholesale of other household appliances
  • Wholesale of other machines, equipment and spare parts
  • Wholesale of construction materials, installing equipment
  • Other uncategorized specialized wholesale
  • General wholesale
  • Retail of food, foodstuff, beverages, cigarettes and rustic tobacco accounting for a large proportion in department stores
  • Retail of other goods in department stores
  • Retail of food in specialized stores
  • Retail of foodstuff in specialized stores
  • Restaurants and mobile food services
  • Provision of food services under temporary contracts for clients (serving food for banquets, meetings, weddings, etc.)
  • Mobile retail or in-market-retail of food, foodstuffs, beverages, cigarettes, rustic tobacco
  • Producing beds, wardrobes, tables, chairs
  • Growing vegetables, fruit, flowers and ornamental flowers
  • Mining stone, sand, pebbles and clay
  • Producing oil, lard and vegetable oil
  • Processing milk and milk products
  • Preparation of take away and processed dishes and food
  • Producing other foodstuffs not yet classified in any other category
  • Producing other products from wood, producing products from straw, thatch and plaited materials
  • General assistant services
  • House cleaning services
  • House and other works cleaning services
  • Care and maintenance services for scenery


Truong Xanh Trading Service Company Limited with short name is TRUONG XANH CO.,LTD, original name is Công Ty TNHH Dịch Vụ Thương Mại Trường Xanh, operations over 8 years in Collecting harmless waste. Managed by Mr/Ms Le Dang Nam with many business activities. Please contact us via address: Thôn Bạch Liên, Xã Liên Phương, Thuong Tin District, Ha Noi City, Viet Nam. Phone:

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