Tan Vien Green Tree Joint Stock Company

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Address: Thôn Gò Sống, Xã Tản Lĩnh, Ba Vi District, Ha Noi City, Viet Nam

Name in Vietnamese:

Short Name:

License ID: , date 03-01-2013

Date Active: 2013-01-02


Services and products

  • Growing bulbs with starch content
  • Orchards (growing fruit trees)
  • Producing products from other uncategorized non - metal minerals
  • Producing non-ferrous metal and precious metal
  • Casting iron and steel
  • Casting non-ferrous metal
  • Producing metal components
  • Producing barrels, tanks and metal containers
  • Producing boilers (except for central boilers)
  • Forging, stamping, pressing and laminating metal; refining metal powder
  • Mechanical engineering processing; treating and overlaying metal
  • Producing knives, scissors, hand-held tools and common metal tools
  • Producing other uncategorized metal products
  • Collecting harmless waste
  • Collecting harmful waste
  • Treating and annulling harmless waste
  • Treating and annulling harmful waste
  • Building houses of all types
  • Building railways and highway construction
  • Building public utility works
  • Building other civil engineering works
  • Destroying and dismantling
  • Preparing construction sites
  • Installing electricity [power] systems
  • Installing water supply and drainage, radiator and air-conditioning systems
  • Installing other construction systems
  • Completing construction works
  • Other specialized construction
  • Wholesale of agricultural and forestry raw materials (excluding wood, bamboo and other species of bamboo) and livestock
  • Wholesale of rice
  • Wholesale of food products
  • Wholesale of other household appliances
  • Wholesale of computers, peripheral devices and software
  • Wholesale of electronic, telecommunication equipments, components
  • Wholesale of other machines, equipment and spare parts
  • Wholesale of metals and ore
  • Wholesale of construction materials, installing equipment
  • Other uncategorized specialized wholesale
  • Retail of foodstuff in specialized stores
  • Passenger road transport in urban and suburban areas (excluding bus transport)
  • Other passenger transport
  • Cargo road transport
  • Goods loading
  • Short-time accommodation
  • Restaurants and mobile food services
  • Provision of food services under temporary contracts for clients (serving food for banquets, meetings, weddings, etc.)
  • Motor vehicle lease
  • Retail of gold, silver, copper, iron and tin, and of paint, glass and other construction installing appliances in specialized stores
  • Retail of household electrical appliances, beds, wardrobes, tables, chairs and similar interior furniture, light and electric light sets, other uncategorized household appliances in specialized stores
  • Retail of apparel, footwear, leather and leatherette goods in specialized stores
  • Retail of other new commodities in specialized stores
  • Mobile retail or in-market-retail of other commodities
  • Producing beds, wardrobes, tables, chairs
  • Growing sugar cane
  • Growing plants or crops with oil seeds or nuts containing oil
  • Growing vegetables, fruit, flowers and ornamental flowers
  • Growing other annual plants or crops
  • Tea plantations
  • Growing plants producing spices and pharmaceutical materials
  • Growing other perennial plants or crops
  • Reproducing and raising agricultural seedlings
  • Breeding water buffalo and cows
  • Breeding horses, donkeys and mules
  • Breeding goats and sheep
  • Breeding pigs
  • Breeding poultry
  • Cultivation services activities
  • Breeding services activities
  • Processing seeds for reproductive purposes
  • Planting and raising forests
  • Mining iron ores
  • Mining other types of ore not containing metal
  • Other uncategorized business assistant services
  • Mining stone, sand, pebbles and clay
  • Mining chemical minerals and fertilizer minerals
  • Processing milk and milk products


Tan Vien Green Tree Joint Stock Company with short name is TAN VIEN GREEN TREES JOINT STOCK COMPANY, original name is Công Ty Cổ Phần Cây Xanh Tản Viên, operations over 5 years in Growing bulbs with starch content. Managed by Mr/Ms Nguyen Trung Hieu with many business activities. Please contact us via address: Thôn Gò Sống, Xã Tản Lĩnh, Ba Vi District, Ha Noi City, Viet Nam. Phone: