Manh Phuong Company Limited

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Address: Thôn Sơn Hà , Xã Ngọc Đường, Ha Giang City, Ha Giang Province, Viet Nam

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Date Active: 2015-11-01


Services and products

  • Exploiting wood
  • Producing building materials from clay
  • Producing cement, lime and gypsum
  • Producing concrete and products from cement and gypsum
  • Building houses of all types
  • Building railways and highway construction
  • Building public utility works
  • Building other civil engineering works
  • Destroying and dismantling
  • Preparing construction sites
  • Completing construction works
  • Other specialized construction
  • General wholesale
  • Other passenger transport
  • Cargo road transport
  • Goods loading
  • Short-time accommodation
  • Other food services
  • Motor vehicle lease
  • Producing beds, wardrobes, tables, chairs
  • Planting and raising forests
  • Collecting and gathering of forest produce other than wood
  • Mining iron ores
  • Mining other types of ore not containing metal
  • Mining rare and precious ore
  • Mining stone, sand, pebbles and clay
  • Sawing, splitting, shaving and preserving wood
  • Producing plywood, veneer and other thin planks
  • Producing woodwork used for construction
  • Leasing machines, equipment and other tangible equipment
  • Assistant services related to tour promotion and organization


Manh Phuong Company Limited with short name is MANH PHUONG JOINT STOCK COMPANY, original name is Công Ty Trách Nhiệm Hữu Hạn Một Thành Viên Mạnh Phương, operations over 3 years in Exploiting wood. Managed by Mr/Ms Nguyen The Manh with many business activities. Please contact us via address: Thôn Sơn Hà , Xã Ngọc Đường, Ha Giang City, Ha Giang Province, Viet Nam. Phone:

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