Truong Toan Phat Trading Company Limited

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Address: 152B, KV2 , Phường Ba Láng, Cai Rang District, Can Tho City, Viet Nam

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Date Active: 2016-07-07



Services and products

  • Building railways and highway construction
  • Orchards (growing fruit trees)
  • Design cutting and perfecting stones
  • Producing products from other uncategorized non - metal minerals
  • Producing non-ferrous metal and precious metal
  • Producing metal components
  • Producing barrels, tanks and metal containers
  • Mechanical engineering processing; treating and overlaying metal
  • Shipbuilding and float components
  • Repairing and maintaining means of transport (except for motorcycles, automobiles, motorbikes and other motor vehicles)
  • Repairing other equipment
  • Collecting harmless waste
  • Collecting harmful waste
  • Treating and annulling harmless waste
  • Treating and annulling harmful waste
  • Recycling scrap
  • Building houses of all types
  • Building public utility works
  • Building other civil engineering works
  • Destroying and dismantling
  • Preparing construction sites
  • Installing electricity [power] systems
  • Installing water supply and drainage, radiator and air-conditioning systems
  • Installing other construction systems
  • Completing construction works
  • Other specialized construction
  • Wholesale of other machines, equipment and spare parts
  • Wholesale of metals and ore
  • Wholesale of construction materials, installing equipment
  • Cargo road transport
  • Goods loading
  • Growing rice
  • Growing corn and other seed cereals
  • Breeding water buffalo and cows
  • Breeding pigs
  • Breeding poultry
  • Growing marine produce
  • Growing internal waters' produce


Truong Toan Phat Trading Company Limited with short name is CTY TRườNG TOàN PHáT, original name is Công Ty TNHH Thương Mại Trường Toàn Phát, industry is Building railways and highway construction. Managed by Mr/Ms Phan Van Luong with many business activities. Please contact us via address: 152B, KV2 , Phường Ba Láng, Cai Rang District, Can Tho City, Viet Nam. Phone: , Email: [email protected]